High quality medical care delivered in a caring spirit makes recovery feel easier.

rehabilitation services

Short-Term Rehab Unit: The road to recovery starts here.

From learning to walk again after joint replacement to learning to speak again after stroke recovery, our Rehab Services Manager leads a team of skilled experts on a dedicated rehabilitation floor. Eastpointe offers a 43-bed comprehensive rehabilitative care unit for short-term stays for recovery from surgeries and illnesses with a special focus on orthopedics such fractures and joint replacements. We also have much success with cardiac, COPD, stroke patients, and long-term therapies.

Each patient, in accordance with doctor's orders, is treated with a full schedule of physical and occupational therapy at least five times a week, and speech therapy as needed. Highly trained therapists are on staff to make your recovery as speedy as possible with state-of-the-art equipment and modalities such as ultrasound short wave biotherapy and electric muscle stimulation. We have two treatment rooms and, depending on your condition, treatment can be administered in your room.

Our rehab gymnasium, which also helps stimulate social interaction, is filled with all the equipment you could need, such as an omnicycle that works on arms and legs and an air bicycle in addition to traditional weights and mats to work on strength and range of motion.