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speech therapy

Speech Therapy: Improving communication one step at a time.

Speech Language Pathology services (SLP), commonly referred to as Speech Therapy, helps people regain as much function as possible after an accident or illness, such as stroke or neurological problems, cause swallowing impediments or confusion with forming words.

Therapy includes use of exercises, audio-visual aids, and other technologies that  assist in the evaluation and treatment of the patient’s dysfunction. It is performed on a one-to-one basis in our designated SLP treatment rooms or in the patient's room depending on the needs of the patient. Individualized treatments may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech (oral-motor work), exercises to improve swallowing to maximize safety with nutritional intake, speech drills to improve clarity, or sound production practice to improve articulation.

At Eastpointe, we have a highly trained physician on-staff who is a dysphagia specialist (difficulty swallowing) to help you on the road to recovery. What’s more, our SLP consults with the SHARE foundation to maximize language/communication skills with computer/tablet based communication systems.